Old garage converted into a restaurant space of 200 m² “The Tube” offers a unique concept far from the rhinestones and sequins of the Côte d’Azur. Our room is a place of conviviality and artistic discovery with temporary exhibitions of works of art.
On the décor side, the brick-paved walls and furniture will transport you to a New York atmosphere and our open kitchen will allow you to appreciate the work of the brigade.
In the kitchen, we have selected for the amateurs, an assortment of meats by promoting the quality and the origins of the products proposed. Concerned about the traceability and the origin of the raw materials, our evolutionary card takes into account the seasonality of the products.

Our exceptional meats

Each product meets very specific criteria in terms of breeding and feeding. We are attentive to the traceability and the treatment of the animals.

Being ourselves genuine “viandards” we believe that responsible consumption is possible by promoting the quality and the origins of the products offered.

Our cooking method (oven baking at 800 °) and the use of a mixture of spices, guarantee our meat an incomparable taste.

Specificities and origins of our beef cuts:

“Dry-Aged” Rib of Ribs

“The cheese is refined … the wine gets better … the meat matures”

The maturation of meat is an essential step in the development of meat. “Dry Aged” maturation is the result of an enzymatic process at the heart of the meat.

The maturation concentrates and accentuates the raw aroma of the meat, softening the structure of its fibers and developing certain flavors specific to each breed and each animal, according to the age and the way in which it was raised.

The term “Dry Aged” refers to the ripening as we practice it, in our cellars maturing at 1-3 ° and the rate of hydrometry rather low (below 80%)


Salers is a French breed. Born in the highlands of Auvergne, it owes its name to the medieval village of Salers. This very red, juicy and tasty meat has a grain very appreciated by all gourmets.


The name of this breed comes from the volcanic massif located in the south-east of the Massif Central. The production demands to respect a strict specifications (mode of breeding, food, care, slaughter …). This traditional breeding method guarantees an incomparable flavor.

*Charolais de Bourgogne

A French beef breed originating in the Charolles region, the Charolais is appreciated for the quality of its marbled meat and with a low fat content.

*Blonde de Galice – TXOGITXU

Meat from the region of Galicia in northwestern Spain, raised on a mountainous and temperate territory throughout the year. Because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the cows of Galicia enjoy a greasy grass iodized by the spray which makes it a meat so special.

*Black Angus USA Prime Creekstone

Creek Creek, Kansas, raises purebred Black Angus cattle. The animals are fed from birth with a 100% vegetarian diet and then exclusively corn for a period of 140 to 180 days. As part of the NHTC program, selected animals are not treated with any growth stimulant or other additives. This meat is very popular with lovers for tenderness and buttery taste in the mouth.

*Australian Black Angus « Premium Marble »

Rangers Valley Farm, located in southern Australia, raises purebred Black Angus animals fed exclusively on grain for a period of 300 days. Raised with the same standards as Kobe beef, the high level of marbling guarantees meat of extreme tenderness and exquisite flavor.

*Kobe beef – le Wagyu

This meat is considered by specialists as the “nectar” of meat. Its exclusive taste (incredible fondant sensation) makes it a product much sought after by meat lovers. We offer a selection of genuine “Wagyu” directly imported from Japan (Kobe, Omi, Kagoshima and Miyazaki).


Beef Limousin meat is distinguished by a beautiful red color: it is a high-end meat, low fat, known for its flavor. Its exceptional grain gives it its tenderness, remarkable marbling, unctuousness and juiciness.

*Angus Argentin Rioplatense

In-depth selection of young cattle fed on grass and grain and exclusively grown outdoors.

* Wagyu Américain Snake Farms

The American Wagyu Beef is recognized throughout the United States as the reference of stars and palaces. It is distinguished by its marrying as delicate as that of the Japanese Wagyu.

This farm is certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

The seasons on your plate

Anxious to satisfy our customers, we propose a taste palette that varies with the seasons and we adapt to the desires of each.

  • great atmosphere and deco very original and nice, great service

    VB 5/5 - TripAdvisor

  • Very good place for meat lovers. The staff is very nice and the food is excellent. We go back regularly.

    Ansostyle 5/5 Facebook

  • A very nice place and very well decorated. The dishes are excellent. The meat is of excellent quality!

    Matthieu 5/5 Google

  • Service impeccable value for money excellent tataki and cocktails fantastic boss and staff at the small care

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  • One of the best restaurants in Cannes, delicious meat. Service nothing to complain about. Without hesitation I go back!

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  • exceptional !!! little romantic meal just top! a super nice welcome and a wonderful meal I recommend !!!

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  • Highly recommended to lovers of meat, this one is cooked with excellence !!

    Marie 5/5 - TripAdvisor

  • The meats are succulent, the decor really warm and cozy. We all loved our meal. A service at the top, in short it is our beautiful surprise of this stay Cannes.

    Hélène 5/5 - TripAdvisor

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